Brahma Group Inc.

Brahma Group Inc.

Brahma Group: Improving efficiencies through continuous improvements...

The Brahma Group is a full service project management and industrial construction company headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. The company’s core services include capital construction, structural steel, project management and industrial maintenance with additional capabilities in design, engineering, material selection, procurement and construction.

The company has built a solid reputation for improving efficiencies through its commitment to quality, continuous improvements and safety. 

“We’re always trying to find new ways to make things better whether it’s safety or productivity,” says CEO Sean Davis.

“We’re always asking ourselves ‘what could we do better? What did we do right?”

Those traits embody the spirit of the Brahma Group, helping the company grow and improve efficiencies.


Beyond zero

As an industrial contractor, the Brahma Group is adamant about safety. The company believes setting a precedence of safety will not only improve the welfare of its employees but other aspects of the company as well. And it’s showing.

The Brahma Group is one of the safest industrial contractors in the United States with a current experience modification rate (EMR) of 0.32. The company’s motto ‘beyond zero” is more than just a catchphrase, but rather a mission to cultivate an organization of safety conscious people.

“We actually created an app for our employees to use as a personal risk assessment tool for safety,” says Davis. “One of the purposes of the app is to see what types of hazards our employees are encountering on a daily level.”

Since February 2014, the app has been implemented among employees, tracking tasks and the risks associated with those tasks.

“We wanted to see which hazards continuously occur and if there’s a new way of approaching those safety risks,” says Davis.

The app, which is available for iPhones, is just another step in the right direction for the company as it continues to strive for enhanced safety precautions.


Continuous improvements

In addition to improving safety, the Brahma Group is steadfast on continuing to improve its core business services.

As one of the major cornerstones of the company, continuous improvements have helped the company identify how it can improve and get better, assisting the Group become one of the leading general maintenance companies in the US.

“We have a system for employees that rates individual skills and assesses them on a scale,” says Davis. “It’s one of the many ways we work with our employees to let them know how they can improve and get better.”

According to Davis, each crew has its own individual foreman who rates them based on work performance. The assessment also helps to put the right people in the right jobs.

“It’s one of the many ways we work to maximize efficiency. By assessing employees based on their individual skills, we have a better idea of where to utilize our employees and get the most out of them. It has been a win-win for us.”

The company’s management team maintains an active participation in the planning and execution of projects, helping to align employees with the right tasks at hand.



Although continuous improvement is the main theme among the Brahma Group, major and minor investments have been vital.

“We’ve invested approximately $5 million on equipment and tools in just the last three years,” says Davis. “By investing and developing new pieces of equipment, we have not only increased safety for our employees but made jobs easier.”

According to Davis, a majority of accidents are caused because the wrong equipment is used.

“We strive to ensure employees have the right training, safety precautions and tools for the job. Having the right tools not only cuts down on accidents within job sites but helps our employees work faster and more efficiently.”

Along with having the right tools for the job, the company communicates with equipment manufacturers to ensure employees are using the latest and most effective tools possible.

“As part of our commitment to continuous improvements, we’re constantly in contact with safety manufacturers to provide feedback and make equipment safer. We have great relationships with our manufacturers and we strive to keep a clear line of communication.”

As the Brahma Group continues to maintain the strictest standards of quality on every project, the company will continue doing so through its undying commitment to investments, continuous improvements and above all else safety.

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