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Vodafone Ziggo

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The history of VodafoneZiggo dates back to 1995, when telecom provider Libertel entered the Dutch market with Vodafone as one of its shareholders, before rebranding itself as Vodafone in 2001. In 2005, broadband, video and mobile communications company Liberty Global, emerged following the joining of Multikabel, @Home, and Casema. Fast-forward to 2017, when Vodafone Netherlands and Ziggo — a group formed by a number of Dutch cable companies — joined to create VodafoneZiggo, with Liberty Global and Vodafone Group as equal shareholders. VodafoneZiggo holds a strong belief that connectivity and communication are essential to society and the economy. The company ultimately considers life to be about feeling connected to others, loved ones, friends, and family, and to the things that matter most.

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Diana Geels de Koos

Head of Cloud Infrastructure at VodafoneZiggo

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