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When we launched Aspen Dental, we set out to break down the barriers that made it hard for patients to keep up with their dental health—affordability, transparency, and access. We knew the key to better patient care started with the provider, so we changed how the dental business worked. We built new relationships, expertise, and tools to help dentists run their businesses more effectively and better care for their patients.

Fast forward, and over 20 years later, we’ve launched more than 900 Aspen Dental locations—by doing so, I’m proud to say we have changed access to dental care nationwide. But there’s more work to do. Healthier, happier smiles were just our beginning.

Today we come together to launch TAG and we are officially expanding beyond dental to embrace a new vision. As we welcome Chapter, ClearChoice, and WellNow into our family, we’re setting out to achieve one simple goal together: to bring better healthcare to more people. Because we believe in a future where health and wellness is accessible for all. While our vision now is broader, how we achieve it remains the same. The best care starts with the provider, and TAG exists to power them so they can meet patients where they are, no matter their specialty, and deliver better care. Because we know that at the end of the day, better healthcare is simple—empower the provider and the rest will follow.

United as one group, we’re not just breaking down barriers, today we’re breaking through. We’re challenging the status quo. Together we can prove healthcare can be better for both providers and patients. Together we can bring better healthcare to more people.

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Bob Fontana

Chairman, TAG - The Aspen Dental Group/Founder & CEO, Aspen Dental

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