Agnico Eagle nourishes kids in Nunavut to the tune of $25m

Senior gold mining company Agnico Eagle has joined forces with Breakfast Club of Canada to provide sustenance to Kivalliq and Kitikmeot schoolchildren

With operations from the most remote parts of northern Canada to Finland, Australia and Mexico, Agnico Eagle ranks fifth among the world's largest global gold mining companies. Its Meadowbank complex to the north of Baker Lake in the Kivalliq District of Nunavut Territory The life of mine plan for the Whale Tail pit there calls for the production of approximately 2.5m ounces of gold between 2019 and 2026.

On Wednesday, September 27th, 2023, Agnico Eagle Mines' Nunavut Vice-President, Martin Plante, unveiled a transformative initiative: the Inunnguiniq project. Inunnguiniq was established in August 2005 by parents of Inuit children. Through Inunnguiniq Agnico Eagle has established a crucial tripartite partnership, including an inspiring $2.5m  investment allocated to Breakfast Club of Canada. Since 1994, Breakfast Club of Canada has been working with partners from all sectors to help children in every province and territory across the country access a nutritious breakfast and reach their full potential.

Impacting children's lives

This partnership will ensure that every school child in the Kivalliq and Kitikmeot regions of Nunavut will enjoy nourishing breakfasts for at least three years. The new engagement perfectly aligns with Breakfast Club of Canada in ensuring that, from coast-to-coast-to-coast, no child starts the day on an empty stomach.

Judith Barry, Breakfast Club of Canada's Co-Founder and Government Relations Director, expressed her gratitude for the collaboration, stating, "We are deeply honoured to partner with Agnico Eagle in the Inunnguiniq project. Together, we are taking a significant step toward ensuring that every child in Nunavut has access to the nourishment they need to thrive. This partnership exemplifies the power of collective action in making a meaningful impact on children's lives because success tomorrow starts with a breakfast today."

The Inunnguiniq project focuses on three crucial aspects: promoting an active lifestyle by supporting traditional activities, enhancing food security through a stable food supply, and empowering Inuit-led non-profit organisations to create lasting positive impacts within Nunavut's communities, prioritising self-determination and community-driven progress.

Supporting Inuit communities

"The Inunnguiniq project and related partnerships reflect Agnico Eagle's commitment to Nunavut's youth.  Children hold the potential to shape Nunavut and Canada's future, and we are committed to supporting their dreams and aspirations. With Breakfast Club Canada, we hope we can help them get a head start by fuelling their bodies and minds." said Martin Plante

Firmly aligned with the mission of Breakfast Club of Canada, this initiative is a great example of the strength of collaboration and reaffirms Agnico Eagle's unwavering commitment to nurturing the future of Nunavut by recognising that children's well being is a central pillar of a community's development. At the core of Agnico Eagle's Sustainable Development Policy, the company states that it is committed to creating value for its shareholders while operating in a safe, socially and environmentally responsible manner, contributing to the prosperity of our employees, their families and its operating communities, respecting the human rights, cultures, customs and values of those impacted by its activities.



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