Brightstar, Eldridge and Claure acquire Ausenco

In a US$578m deal, Mining services company and investor Ausenco sells majority stake to Eldridge, Brightstar Capital and Claure Group

Ausenco, a global integrated engineering and consulting services provider to the minerals and metals industries, and energy transition market today announced that Eldridge, Brightstar Capital Partners, and Claure Group have signed a definitive agreement to acquire a majority stake of Ausenco.

Eldridge is an investor in multiple sectors, Brightstar a middle market private equity firm and Claure a multi-billion dollar global investment company. Ausenco's co-founder, Zimi Meka, will remain CEO, board member and investor in Ausenco, while. Mike Burke, who served as an advisor and partner to the buyer consortium, is expected to join Ausenco’s Board of Directors as Chairman.

Ausenco's mission

Founded in 1991, Ausenco’s 3,000 employees are focused on the world’s most challenging engineering and consulting projects, drawing on deep technical expertise with a commitment to sustainably delivering end-to-end solutions for its clients and their communities. Ausenco’s team of scientists, engineers and professionals design and build efficient mine and metal extraction facilities; deliver sustainable mine waste and water management, and mine closure and remediation solutions; and engage with local and indigenous communities to create lasting benefit.

“We’ve always been about challenging what’s possible and delivering services sustainably and with integrity,” said Zimi Meka, who since the early 2000s has overseen Ausenco's diversification into the global business it is today with people, clients and projects in North and South America, Australia, the Pacific nations, Asia, Africa, Europe, Russia and the Middle East across the Minerals & Metals, Oil & Gas and Industrial sectors.

“From permitting to closure, our people are finding better ways to plan projects, efficiently use resources, protect the environment, and deliver value to clients and communities. In Eldridge, Brightstar, and Claure Group we have partners that understand this ambition and our culture.”

Essential minerals for energy transition

For Eldridge, co-founders Todd Boehly, Tony Minella, and Duncan Bagshaw added: “We invest in what people need and what people want – both qualities expressed in Ausenco’s activity the past three decades. Ausenco has worked around the world to deliver minerals critical to nearly every aspect of our lives and to the ongoing energy transition. We are excited to partner with a world-class management team to further enhance and diversify their service offerings.”

"Ausenco plays a vital role in facilitating the global transition to electrification and electric vehicles,” said Andrew Weinberg, Founder and CEO of Brightstar Capital Partners. “Brightstar is confident that Ausenco is strategically positioned for future growth due to its impressive track record of performance, and the anticipated increased demand for metals and minerals that are essential to sustainable solutions.”

“With the shift to more sustainable energy gaining momentum, Latin America will have a key role to play as the main producing region for essential minerals, such as copper and lithium,” said Marcelo Claure, Founder and CEO of Claure Group, who will join Ausenco’s Board of Directors and has focused investments in Latin America and the energy transition.

“Given Ausenco’s strong presence and pipeline of projects in the region, we believe it will be at the forefront of this transition, actively contributing to the electrification of the world."


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