Enter Engineering & Thyssenkrupp partnership targets mining

Enter Engineering partners with Thyssenkrupp as they work on developing an integrated mining metallurgical complex on the Tebinulak iron ore deposit

Worth approximately €50 million, Thyssenkrupp and Enter Engineering’s partnership will see the two parties collaborate on a new project: developing an integrated mining metallurgical complex on the Tebinulak iron ore deposit. Aiding in the production of a whopping 60 million tonnes a year of iron ore, the new facility will reduce the amount of energy consumed and welcome the introduction of the latest and greatest equipment to improve efficiency and increase productivity. 

“To date, more than 140 units of HPGR equipment have been sold in the mining industry. In the CIS countries, Thyssenkrupp takes a leading position among mining companies that use this technology, in practice confirming the high quality and reliability of the German brand,” says Roman Karl, Managing Director at Thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies CIS.

Partnering up to support and sustain iron ore production

Bakhityor Fazylov, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Enter Engineering, is confident that the deal will prove valuable for the future of the iron industry within Uzbekistan and for the country’s trade. 

“We are delighted to partner with a leading global company such as Thyssenkrupp. Applying German standards, we will create a high-quality raw material base for the domestic metallurgical industry. 

“This project also embodies all the goals Enter Engineering strives for: protecting Uzbekistan’s national interests in the international market, supporting the interests of domestic consumers, and creating jobs.”

The iron ore deposit sits in the northwestern part of Uzbekistan, covering approximately 5.2km². And with an estimated life cycle of 27 years, in theory, the project should stimulate and support the production of domestic iron ore within Uzbekistan well into the future, potentially imperative for the continued survival of the country’s infrastructure, engineering, and trade industries.

Utilising technology to streamline projects and ensure mining efficiency

Karl continues, “We are delighted to partner with such a well-known company in Uzbekistan as Enter Engineering, who have a long track record of successful execution in major engineering construction projects. 

“The project will use one of the most energy-efficient and innovative technologies to significantly reduce energy consumption. HPGR has been used since 1985 in the cement industry, and since 1986 in the mining industry for use in the grinding process to ensure a high level of product fineness. 

“Full integration of this technology within Industry 4.0 is also important.”


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