Long-term relationships key to growth of Kenya's mining sector, says Ministry of Mining

By Dale Benton
The Kenyan mining sector is on the rise. With ambitious plans to turn the country into a flagship mining sector, one that is attractive for investment...

The Kenyan mining sector is on the rise.

With ambitious plans to turn the country into a flagship mining sector, one that is attractive for investment, stable and predictable, the Ministry of Mining in Kenya is already starting to see progress.

Collaboration with governmental bodies and organisations is key to any mining operation, but how big a role will this relationship play in the future of Kenya’s mining industry?  
“As a country, we believe strongly that to create a robust investment environment, relationships are extremely key and not about short-term gains,” says Dan Kazungu, Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Mining, Kenya.

“Mining projects are by nature long-term and therefore the relationships built should be long-term,” he says.

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The mining sector is one that requires multiple levels of stakeholder engagement. This stretches from investors, to governments as well as the local communities in which mining operators choose to base their operations.

This is what Kazungu feels, creates a culture of creating a “win-win-win-win” across the sector.

This is the only sustainable way; – win for the investor who takes the risk (sometimes massive risks) and creates jobs, win for the national government that creates the enabling environment for investments to flourish and prosper,” he says.

“There’s also win for county governments as that is where all mining projects are established. Finally, there’s the win for the local community as Kenyans are the core beneficiaries of the mining activities in the country.”

Look out for the September issue of Mining Global magazine, which features our exclusive interview with Dan Kazungu, Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Mining, as well as a special report on Base Titanium, an Australian mining company with signifcant operations in Kenya, flying the flag for the future of Kenya’s mining sector.


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