Mexico's First Female CEO in Mining

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Transforming the Mining IndustryAs pioneers of the mining industry in the state of Sinaloa, Cia. Minera Pangea has surpassed many challenges to establis...

Transforming the Mining Industry

As pioneers of the mining industry in the state of Sinaloa, Cia. Minera Pangea has surpassed many challenges to establish a source of income to the company, especially in a town where businesses and government culture were derived from agricultural sources.  In 2007, the company’s administration experienced significant changes, with the appointment of Euridice Gonzalez as the new general manager in August, 2007. Gonzalez became one of the first females to hold the highest executive position in the sector.

"We decided to develop this site, and as a result, the company grew and it became feasible to open another mine," says Gonzalez, recalling the discovery of silver in the vicinity of the gold mine.

Given the increase in metal prices in 2011, the mining industry expanded, providing accelerated operations to Pangea with a new silver deposit and the revival of gold.  By mid-2012, Gonzalez took over as country manager for McEwen Mining Inc., in Mexico. This period included an investment of 15 million dollars for the purchase of new equipment, the introduction of detailed engineering and the reopening of El Gallo phase I. Another $180 million was invested into the development of El Gallo, “we are working on reducing this capital expenditure,” says Gonzales .

Currently, they are exploring the site for mineral reserves, expanding production and remodeling their gridding minerals system.

"We want to increase our production capacity to 4,500 tons per day. We will soon reach the goal with a lower budget and a better delivery time," says González.

A Female Leader in the Mining Sector

Euridice Gonzalez was the first female leader in the mining industry in Mexico. For Gonzalez, this appointment made ​​it clear that women have no limits. As a high-level executive in a position that requires major responsibility, she has shown that individuals should not be cloistered or limited to certain activities based on their gender.

"When I started working in here as Operations Assistant, the manager told me I was going to grow in the company. Now I know we have to change our focus and think that everything is possible," she adds.

Gonzalez has achieved many objectives as country manager; one of those is a joint collaboration with their competitors to form the association “Consejo Minero Empresarial A.C.,” of which she is currently president. Finally, she emphasized that it is essential to know the mining sector and their contributions in the Mexican economy.

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