True Gold Mining Delivers its Fresh Water Reservoir

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True Gold, one of the top gold mining companies, is currently working on expanding their company growth by developing a low-cost, open-pit heap leach go...

True Gold, one of the top gold mining companies, is currently working on expanding their company growth by developing a low-cost, open-pit heap leach gold mine in Burkina Faso, West Africa called The Karma Project.  Over the past year True Gold has been working to towards a production decision regarding this potential project and is excited to announce that on Monday May 12, 2014, it has successfully completed the construction of its most recent major water infrastructure for the proposed Karma Mine.  Not only is the project completed, but it was done ahead of schedule and under budget.

The fresh water reservoir, also known as a barrage, was a two phase project located off the Nkambe River, four kilometers south of the proposed Karma Mine.  The first phase consisted of a dam which was one meter in height and sufficient capacity to be able to provide for the mine.  The second phase involved increasing the height and storage capacity of the reservoir basin to a volume that it may support the proposed mine while still providing enough water for the local communities.

In its completion, the new barrage has the capability of providing a total of about 1.3 million cubic meters of water on a yearly basis which will meet the requirement of the mine.  Excited by this new achievement, Dwayne Melrose, President & CEO of True Gold states that, "The completion of this major piece of infrastructure is a significant milestone in the mine development process, as it mitigates water-related project risks as we gear up to begin construction of Burkina Faso's next gold mine.”  This fresh water reservoir will be critical for providing water for mine construction and operational needs in the area.  What makes the barrage even more impressive and valuable is that it will be providing a year-round water source to the local communities in addition to the mining operations.  Melrose is proud to report that "the construction of the barrage ahead of schedule and under budget is a testament to our integrated team's ability to deliver project results as planned in the field."  There is no doubt that True Gold is going above and beyond to produce the infrastructure and environmental needs for the Karma Project to be commenced.  The company is eager to continue its growth and leach gold production in West Africa which is why this fresh water reservoir is a key component.

In efforts to preserve the maximum amount of water possible to provide for the city and mine alike, the barrage will pump water to storage ponds during the rainy months so that it may be used for plant processing, irrigation and other mining construction purposes.


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