It’ll be a blast: blasting and explosives pioneer BME to make MINExpo debut

By Dale Benton
South Africa based blasting and explosives pioneer BME is heading to MINExpo 2016, a debut for the company as it embarks on a global expansion strategy...

South Africa based blasting and explosives pioneer BME is heading to MINExpo 2016, a debut for the company as it embarks on a global expansion strategy.

The AXXIS electronic detonator system as well as the BlastMap III will be under the spotlight as BME looks to target North and South America as key markets.

“MINExpo is a big event in the mining calendar that will expose BME to mining professionals from all over the world.  We are pleased to showcase our expanding range of technology-driven products and services,” says BME managing director Joe Keenan.

Here’s a few things you need to know about BME before they blow your socks off at MINExpo:

  • BME, together with Protea Mining Chemicals forms the mining division within the Omnia Group. The Omnia Group is a diversified provider of specialised chemical products and services used in the mining, agriculture and chemicals sectors
  • BME operates across 17 African countries
  • The Omnia Group operates across Africa, Australasia and Brazil
  • BME was formed in 1984 with what was then a new cold emulsion technology which is now the industry standard
  • They are the leading manufacturer and supplier in Africa of explosives – specifically blasting services to mining, quarrying and construction industries.
  • One of the company’s main services is Mine to Mill optimisation
  • The AXXIS Digital Initiation System (to be showcased at MINExpo) is designed to generate improved efficiencies. These include improved wall quality and potentially steeper walls for reduced waste mining and longer life of mine,
  • BME’s emulsion explosions help keep nitrate out of mine water, significantly reducing the possibility of groundwater contamination


Be sure to catch up with BME at MINExpo for more information and visit the company’s website:

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