Top 10 Mining Tech Leaders

By Tanmay Patange
Mining Global Magazine takes a look at the leading technology providers that play a crucial role in supporting mining operations and management

Rapid developments in technological innovation, including automation, digitisation, and facial recognition, have significantly impacted the mining industry in recent years. A couple of key advancements reshaping the industry incorporate autonomous vehicles, drones, robots, IoT-enabled sensors, and robotic process automation. 

However, the mining industry is a complex business due to the risks associated with it. To stay competitive and alleviate the risks, it is vital that industry leaders adopt a culture of fostering innovation. Incorporating tech-empowered solutions into mining processes can decrease costs, enhance efficiency, and improve worker safety for the mining sector. Additionally, to drive technological changes in this industry, we need exceptional tech leaders that are experienced, have the confidence and determination to support and drive transformation across the organisation. Moreover, with the development of new technologies, it's crucial to have technically adept leaders. 

Let's look at the top 10 mining tech leaders who transform the industry with their experience and expertise.

1: Theophile Yameogo

Theophile strongly opines that mining is a lucrative industry, and so much can be achieved through new ideas and concepts. Currently, with Ernst & Young, Theophile is also Americas' Mining & Metals Sector Leader. Since 2012, Theophile has focused on making technological developments in the mining industry and accelerating transformation initiatives and digital transformation.

2: Janice Zinck

Janice is the Director of Critical Minerals & Strategic Resources, a division of the Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) dedicated to research, development and innovation. As the mining industry in Canada is shifting towards innovation and green technology, Janice is accelerating this transformation, developing innovative solutions in mining, processing and environmental management.

3: Dr Mohammad Babaei

Currently serving as the Program Manager, Mining at Teck Resources Ltd., he has provided guidance and support to digital innovation across the organisation. He has pioneered the cutting-edge application of ML in mining and maintenance and the development of a one of a kind real-time diggability solution.

4: Arun Narayanan

Arun is the Chief Data Officer at Anglo American. Having 24+ years of experience in building and developing digital solutions, Arun is currently heading VOXEL. This data analytics platform aims at improving operational excellence in mining with the power of the digital twin. Besides, his core expertise lies in the cloud, data analytics, machine learning, and much more.

5: George Hemingway

George is a well-known keynote speaker and a CxO Advisor. George currently leads the Innovation Practice for a growth strategy consultancy, helping companies embrace innovative solutions and practices across diverse industries, including mining. He focuses on innovation strategy and aims at bringing disruptive change.

6: Carl Weatherell

Carl is the Executive Director & CEO at CMIC (Canada Mining Innovation Council). CMIC aims to develop technologies that will help reduce waste, cut down costs, and alleviate the environmental impacts in the mining industry. Having over 30 years of experience, Carl has won numerous awards for his breakthroughs in technology and leadership.

7: Afzal Jessa

As the Chief Digital Officer at Vale, Afzal is a business transformation leader, digitally transforming processes and organisations. With a strong tech background, Afzal focuses on going beyond business outcomes to bring innovative breakthroughs at Vale and transform the mining industry. Not just to drive innovation, but Afzal believes in sustainably digitally transforming processes or organisations.

8: Rolf Fandrich

Rolf is an industry expert in helping organisations grow using different technologies. Currently, the Co-founder of Voconiq, Rolf aims at driving tech-based solutions across different industries, including mining. He is one of the speakers for Future of Mining Americas that will take place on 3-4th October 2022, in Denver, USA.

9: Pamela Hackett

Pamela has diverse experience working across more than 100's organisations ranging from mining, oil and gas, insurance, and many more. She is a well-renowned keynote speaker and CEO of Proudfoot, who helps organisations gain impactful results through excellence in digital transformation and operations. Besides, Pamela loops in the human element along with the digital transformation. That's what makes her stand out from the rest.

10: Steve de Jong

Steve is the Chairman at Integra Resources. One of the sought-after speakers on mining innovation, Steve is passionate about developing technology solutions to advance resources exploration. He aims at transforming the mining industry using highly connected and high-tech solutions. He co-led the efforts behind the 2016 Integra Gold Rush Challenge and the 2017 #DisruptMining initiatives.


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