The 10 Largest Platinum Producers

With research carried out by Metalary, we look at 10 of the largest Platinum producing organisations in the world

Platinum is one of the most sought-after metals in the world, earlier this year its value ranged from US$1,055 per troy ounce to US$1,320 per troy ounce. Strong and resistant to corrosion, platinum is famously used in fine jewelry but also sees use in laboratory equipment, electrical contacts, and dentistry equipment. Using research from Metalary we’ve compiled a list of the ten largest producers of platinum globally.


10. Asahi Holdings, Inc


Japan’s Asahi Holdings produced approximately 75,000 ounces of platinum in 2012 worth 10.6 billion Japanese Yen which equates to nearly $94mn USD.


9. Xstrata 


Now merged with Glencore, Xstrata’s operations were based in South Africa where in 2012 it produced an estimated 80,199 ounces of platinum


8. Vale


The second largest mining organisation in the world, Vale is also the second largest producer of nickel. Like many other nickel producers, Vale extract platinum as a by-product of its nickel refinery operations. In 2012 it produced 134,000 ounces of platinum.


7. Stillwater Mining Company


One of the two main providers of Palladium, Stillwater’s main operations are based in Montana. Stillwater has produced 154,900 ounces of platinum since 2012.


6. Northam 


South Africa based Northam’s main facility is the Zondereinde Platinum Mine and Metallurgical Complex where, as of 2012, it has produced 175,000 ounces of platinum.


5. Aquarius Platinum Ltd.


With operations also based in South Africa and additionally Zimbabwe, Aquarius produces a total of 418,461 ounces of platinum.


4. Norilsk Nickel 


Norilsk Nickel is the largest producer of palladium and nickel in the world, producing 17% of all nickel and 41% of palladium globally. Platinum is produced as a byproduct of Norilsk’s main operations reaching 683,000 ounces. 


3. Lonmin plc


The Marikina mine, based in the western area of South Africa’s Bushveld Complex, serves as Lonmin's main hub of operations. It produces a total of 687,372 ounces of refined platinum.


2. Impala Platinum


With operations also concentrated within the Bushveld Complex, Impala are the second largest producer of platinum in the world supplying 1,582,000 ounces globally.


1. Anglo Platinum


Going by 2012 statistics Anglo American Platinum Limited or Amplats are the largest producers of platinum globally. With 11 managed mines and several joint ventures across South Africa and Zimbabwe their platinum production totals at 2,378,600 ounces.




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