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Canada produced 102 tonnes of gold in 2013 with the majority of it...

Canada produced 102 tonnes of gold in 2013 with the majority of it coming from Ontario, specifically Red Lake gold mine. The country has seen a decline in production in recent years as Canada’s production rates are well below the 166 tonnes of gold produced in 1998. With a production value of $5.9 billion, gold was the second-ranked commodity by value for Canada despite a price retreat for gold in 2013. Canada houses more of the world’s Top 100 mining companies (19) than any other country in the world.

Gold production – 108.2 tonnes annually                            Population – 34.9 million

Gold consumption –N/A                                                      Gross National Income – $1,483.6 billion

Unmined gold – 920.0 tonnes annually                               Serious conflicts reports – No serious conflicts reported

Gold production as percentage of GNI – 0.42 percent


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