South Africa

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South Africa is the number one gold producing country in Afri...

South Africa is the number one gold producing country in Africa. The country produced 170 tonnes of gold in 2013 and its gold production is the biggest driving force behind South Africa’s participation in the global economy. South Africa currently has 35 large-scale gold mines in operations. At one time the country was considered the largest producer of gold in the world, setting a record in 1970 for gold production, which accounted for 79 percent of the entire world’s production.  It is estimated that South Africa has produced around 40,000 tonnes of gold since the start of recorded history.

The country also plays host to the annual Indaba Mining Conference, one of the most prolific gatherings of mining stakeholders, attracting nearly 1,000 companies.

Gold production – 117.8 tonnes annually                        Population – 51.2 million

Gold consumption –N/A                                                  Gross National Income – $572.6 billion

Unmined gold – 6,000.0 tonnes annually                        Serious conflicts reports – No serious conflicts reported

Gold production as percentage of GNI – 1.75 percent


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