Digital Mining Articles


Gold Nanoparticle Breakthrough a Sustainability Fillip

Researchers discover sustainable way to create gold nanoparticles, promising greener future for uses in sectors including medicine and electronics


Safeguarding Congo’s Economically Vital Cobalt Miners

When Jamie Wallisch of the supply chain sustainability platform Assent visited Congo’s cobalt mining communities she found evidence of hardship… and hope


Aluminum Association Lays out North America GHG Roadmap

The aluminium industry in North America publishes Pathways to Decarbonisation report outlining roadmap to meet International Energy Agency Net Zero targets

Caterpillar CEO Umpleby prizes sustainability highly

Jim Umpleby – Chairman and CEO of world famous mining and construction equipment manufacturer, Caterpillar – on the importance of ESG to the company


EU 2023 Figures show Mining has Stalled on GHG Emissions

European Union figures from Eurostat show that – although EU GHG emissions fell in 2023 – mining made no progress, with coal mining the worst culprit


Thermo Fisher Scientific Tackling Lithium eco Issue

Thermo Fisher Scientific's Dan Shine, on how the company's sodium battery tech can help reduce the mining of critical minerals like lithium for EVs


EC on Importance of Minerals Security Partnership Forum

The European Commission's communications team explains what the Minerals Security Partnership Forum is, what it will do and why it is so important


EU & US form Critical Minerals Security Partnership Forum

European Union & US government form new forum to secure critical mineral supply chains, boost production, secure ESG standards & promote fair competition