Reuters Events: Industry Transition 2023

Reuters Events: Industry Transition 2023 12th-13th September 2023 Pittsburg, USA

The ability of ‘hard-to-abate’ industries to rapidly decarbonize is critical to our global ambition of net-zero 2050. 300+ executives, decision-makers, and their implementation teams will gather at Reuters Events: Industry Transition 2023 (12 – 13 September, Pittsburgh) to break out of traditional echo chambers, forge cross-sectoral partnerships, and lead through the industry transition. We’ll host a series of executive receptions, bi-laterals, and in-depth roundtables to engender meaningful progress and deliver net zero.

Key themes of discussion:

Cross-sectorial Decarbonization: Heavy industry cannot decarbonize in silos. Break out of vertical echo chambers, form meaningful partnerships, and strategize shared solutions to deliver on net-zero goals.

Governance, Reporting & Disclosure: How are disparate regulatory landscapes enabling the decarbonization of hard-to-abate sectors? Discover how to capitalize on regulatory incentives, manage permitting complexities, and make decarbonization a reality.

The Circular Economy: As demand for materials grows exponentially, industry must deliver circularity. Explore ways to optimize resource efficiency, refurbish existing infrastructure, embed recycling throughout product lifecycles, and recover energy through a circular economy.

Sustainable Mining & Green Metals: With estimated emissions of 4.5Gt of CO2 equivalent per year, the mining and metals sectors must act decisively if the world is to hit net-zero targets. How will they collaborate with wider industry, utilize innovation and deliver green metals?

Global Supply Chains & Future Fuels: Freight, shipping & logistics play a crucial role in delivering the transition, but they can’t do it alone. How can energy and transport industries leverage innovation, utilize low-carbon fuels and drive towards decarbonized supply chains?

Date & Time

Tue 12 Sep - Wed 13 Sep, 2023

08:00 - 16:00 GMT

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