Worley: The Mining Professional Services Giant

Worley, the noted mining professional services organisation.
As Worley is awarded a contract to service a key US South32 critical minerals mine, we profile the Australian mining professional services company

Global professional services company Worley has been awarded a contract to provide engineering and procurement services for a key critical minerals mine in the US.

Worley, a specialist in energy, chemicals and resources, will service the underground infrastructure and surface facilities of the zinc-lead-silver deposit at South32’s Hermosa project in Arizona.

Located in an historic mining district in the Patagonia Mountains of Southern Arizona, Hermosa is the only advanced US mine development project capable of producing the critical minerals manganese and zinc, both essential minerals for powering clean energy in the US.

Worley will support the design and procurement of mechanical and electrical infrastructure for excavation, power distribution, and groundwater management, along with maintenance and ore handling systems. 

In light of the announcement, we take a look here at Worley’s involvement in the mining sector globally, and the role it play here.

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Who is Worley, and why is it important to the mining sector?

Worley plays a significant role in the mining sector, offering a comprehensive range of services to support various aspects of mining operations. 

It provides engineering, procurement, construction, and project management services tailored to the needs of the mining industry, and has deep expertise in mineral processing, mine infrastructure development, and environmental management.

Worley has a global workforce of approximately 59,000 employees, and it was founded in 1971 in Australia, as a small engineering firm. 

Over the decades, it has grown through strategic acquisitions and expansions, establishing itself as a leading player in the professional services sector, with a strong focus on the mining industry.

Worley works with BHP, Rio Tinto & Newcrest

The company worked with the biggest mining companies and projects  globally, including BHP, Rio Tinto, and Newcrest Mining, among many others, and its areas of mining expertise encompass coal, iron ore, copper and gold. 

Among the landmark mining projects with which it has been involved include the Olympic Dam expansion in Australia and the Oyu Tolgoi copper-gold mine in Mongolia.

In recent years, Worley has played a pivotal role in supporting the transition towards renewable energy sources, offering services in the development of renewable energy projects, including solar, wind, and hydrogen. 

This aligns with the mining industry's efforts to reduce its environmental footprint and embrace sustainable practices.

Worley is also active in the exploration for, and development of, critical minerals essential for the production of electric vehicles, renewable energy technologies, and other high-tech applications. The company's services in this area include geological assessments, resource evaluation, and project development.


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