Exyn Nexys: a 3D Mapping Instrument for Mining Professionals

Exyn Nexys provides enhanced workplace efficiency and safety
Exyn Technologies presents the Exyn Nexys - a modular 3D mapping tool for construction and mining professionals

Exyn Technologies has launched Exyn Nexys, a modular 3D mapping and surveying solution for professionals in mining, AEC, geospatial, and construction. The Exyn Nexys allows users to capture real-time 3D point clouds in inhospitable environments. It can be used as a handheld device or attached to a drone, ground robot, vehicle, or a backpack. Exyn Technologies is a specialist in the world of autonomous robotics and data collection, based in Philadelphia which was founded in 2014. 

Exyn Nexys provides enhanced workplace efficiency and safety

Exyn Technologies is at the forefront of autonomous aerial robot systems development and is focused on manufacturing solutions to improve efficiency in the workplace, as well as safety in challenging operational environments in the mining, AEC, geospatial, and construction industries.

The Exyn Nexys offers several outstanding features:

Unmatched modularity for every mapping scenario

Nexys’ modular design allows for deployment in various configurations, including handheld, backpack-mounted, vehicle-mounted, drone-integrated or via ground robots. 

Highly versatile and ruggedly ergonomic, the Nexys can be quickly and easily switched between a variety of configurations, giving users the flexibility and cost efficiency to use one device in any mapping environment - inside, outside, below ground, short or long distance, autonomous or piloted, connected or not connected to communications networks.

Advanced technology for optimal performance

Equipped with state-of-the-art LiDAR technology and Exyn's proprietary SLAM algorithms, Nexys delivers survey-grade results without a pilot. The operator simply sets the area to scan and the system determines its own route. 

Engineered for the harshest conditions

Nexys is built to withstand the toughest conditions. Its ergonomic design, coupled with a comprehensive suite of accessories, including GPS modules, protective cages, and Drone Link for robot integration, expands its utility across numerous mapping scenarios.

Real-time data visualisation and precision accuracy

Combining integrated hemispherical cameras with fast, on premise processing, Nexys allows users to get real-time visualisation of captured data with full detail and colourisation in the field to ensure the scan area is correct and complete before leaving the site. Adaptable to changing environments, Nexys’ SLAM-based spatial mapping is capable of capturing up to 1.9m scan points per second at up to 1cm, while continuously updating the map as new data is received.

Deployment options for every use case

The Nexys has been designed to work with a wide variety of deployment options to enable efficient and accurate operations for surveying, mapping, inspections and more. The Nexys custom mounting interface ships with all units and may be used to securely mount Nexys in a variety of mounting configurations.

Exyn Nexys is revolutionising mapping and surveying with modularity and innovation

Brandon Torres Declet, CEO of Exyn Technologies, is excited to introduce Exyn Nexys to the world, a testament to Exyn's dedication to leading-edge innovation and our commitment to transforming the mapping and surveying landscape. 

“I think [the modularity] opens the aperture on the use cases. Obviously, our company in the past was very much focused on mining,” says Declet. “Now, we think about the ability for modularity to come into play here, we think about a bunch of other different use applications in adjacent types of industries. You can think about, for example, ground robots in a manufacturing facility. Or an oil refinery, or in construction where you have a site that’s constantly changing and you want to be able to manage and monitor that.” 

With the modularity of the Exyn Nexys, users have more abilities than ever, to quickly scan a particular part of a site. 

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