Nordgold collabs with Columbus to launch new mining software

Russian gold producer Nordgold partners with tech company Columbus to deliver new software that streamlines the mining industry’s management and finances

Nordgold is ready to revolutionise the mining industry’s management and finances. Collaborating with technology consultancy business Columbus, the two parties have developed a new tool to overcome some of the sector’s biggest challenges, aiming to provide a service that allows the biggest companies in the industry to improve their monetisation, optimise their time management, and simplify the process of reporting, all in an effort to ensure the sector keeps pace with the changing technological landscape. 

The software, titled CN Planning Analytics, hones in on improving the gold sector, endeavouring to ease gold miner’s financial and operating performances. Designed to collate all relevant data, it enables its users to flag up performance anomalies with speed, providing companies with an instant in-depth report following the period end. 

New mining software offers up the potential to streamline financial planning

Additionally, the technology tempts users with the appealing inclusion of preconfigured budgeting and management reporting models formed upon Key Performance Indicators relevant to each industry.

The added bonus of being able to use the software alongside a variety of mining processes such as underground or open-pit means CN Planning Analytics will, no doubt, soon be in high demand. 

“What sets CN Planning Analytics apart is its unique focus on gold mining company performance and the fact it is adaptable to all mining and processing technologies,” says the director of transformation and business system development at Nordgold, Dmitry Markeev.

“We continue to invest in our IT capabilities which helps us drive performance, in particular as we move forward on our ambitious growth plans in the Gross region in Russia, where we have built a market-leading position.”

Technological upgrades for an industry looking to modernise its processes

Available on the IBM Global Solutions Directory, the software supplies its customers with performance comparison against industry competitors and peers, allowing useful insight into areas its excelling at and others in need of desperate attention. 

“Partnering with Nordgold to develop CN Planning Analytics was a unique collaboration that allowed us to combine the practical business experience of a mining company with the industry and product expertise of a consultancy,” states Andrey Yudaev, Business Development Director for Information and Analytical Systems at Columbus. 

“The solution's functionality has been proven by IBM and by its high performance in automating Nordgold's real-world business processes. These are the prerequisites that help us guarantee the business value of this solution to future users”.


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