Schneider Electric: 5 Technologies for Sustainable Mining

By Ellie Dean
The mining, minerals, and metals industries are under pressure to address operational sustainability and decrease emissions. But how can technology help?

Sustainability within the mining, minerals, and metals industries is an ongoing issue in dire need of attention. For sectors that account for almost 7% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and with climate change heading to the point of no return, it’s now no longer up for debate that the mining, minerals, and metals industries need to address their emissions. 

But this isn’t achievable without the right means. If it were as simple as switching to a more renewable source of energy or decarbonising all operations with a snap of a finger, then there would be no problem to address. Understandably, financial and operational disruptions will likely be caused by the transformation of a corporation’s sustainable practices, but that doesn’t detract from its importance. So this process must be made as easy as possible, as attractive as possible, and as achievable as it is capable of being. 

This is where technology plays its part. In the digital and ever-evolving modern world we now find ourselves in, technology is key to adapting and maintaining flexibility. Or, in this case, it opens up a number of possibilities that can serve in achieving the decarbonisation and subsequent enhancement of sustainability in global mining and metals operations. 

Schneider Electric Webinar: ‘Five evolutionary technologies towards sustainable mining, minerals & metals’

Schneider Electric’s webinar, taking place on Tuesday, October 19, 2021, will focus on the importance of working towards a more sustainable future, and how five evolutionary technologies will help you get there. 

Using real-life cases from your industry peers, John Kwarta, Schneider’s Global Strategic Accountant Executive, Ron Taglieri, Global Efficiency Offer Manager at Schneider Electric Energy & Sustainability Services, and Victor Dunand, Microgrids Business Development Manager specialising in decentralised energy, microgrid and analytics, will be discussing:

  • Where and how to start on your sustainability journey
  • How to extract actionable insights from your data
  • Funding energy and sustainability in the ‘New Now’
  • How to improve your energy mix - offsite vs onsite renewables
  • Why integration of power and process should be your next step 

Schneider Electric’s webinar is set to be a sustainability feast, endeavouring to raise awareness and increase sustainable potential in an industry that has already set ambitious decarbonisation targets. As the climate change clock ticks down, it’s never been more important to prioritise an environmentally friendly future for your business. 

To register for Schneider Electric’s ‘Five evolutionary technologies towards sustainable mining, minerals & metals’:

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Americas: Click here to register!


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