Top Trends and opportunities for the Mining Industry in 2022

We look at 5 trends and opportunities for 2022 mining

2022 is going to be another amazing year for the mining industry. Many companies are looking to make improvements this year surrounding sustainability and safety in particular. Here we look at five trends and opportunities we will be seeing in 2022s mining sector.

5. Licence to operate 


Mining companies having a licence to operate allows them to contribute to economies and communities as well as protection of heritage sites. LTO creates value for the future of investors, and secures the operation.

4. Safety innovations


Safety innovations are becoming increasingly important not only due to the risks in the mining industry but also because of the pandemic. Mine workers are at an increased risk of lung conditions, and miners with these conditions are more likely to suffer the symptoms of covid, which makes precautions more important.

3. Decarbonization 


Decarbonization is not only important for a sustainable future, but also important for the investors in the mining industry. Most investors and companies are moving away from thermal coal. Mining companies moving towards decarbonization and net zero are currently reviewing their technology, assets, and funding.

2. Workforce


Mining companies are creating a better future for their workforce with better career pathways and safe culture. Mining jobs are becoming increasingly competitive which means jobs are becoming more beneficial for workers, with mental health programs and quality training. For investors diversity in the workforce is an important factor.

1. ESG


ESG and sustainability is becoming increasingly important in every industry, and is now a priority to investors and stakeholders. Mining companies are doing more to make their projects and operations more sustainable. Some of the most important factors to investors are water management, operation closures, and biodiversity. Mines and Money in support of ESG in the mining sector, had an ESG award at their event last year.


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