Inside the Mining Chamber of Peru...

Produced by: Gerardo Sosa, Director of Mining Proyects for Latin America

The mining chamber of Peru (CAMIPER) is a nongovernmental organization that has its origins with the change of the millennium when a group of mining and related institutions related to the sector joined forces with the common goal of promoting the development of responsible and sustainable mining.

The group represents companies and entities related to the mining sector in order to help optimize productivity. Currently they are pioneers in transmitting knowledge to professionals in geology, mining, metallurgy, safety, environment, social responsibility, logistics among others, worldwide, in person, In Company and virtually.

With a group of international professionals of high level that speak the following languages: Spanish, English and French.

Our mission is to address the shortage of skilled human resources, promote research and innovation, and improve resource usage and the perception of mining.


Contribute to sustainable development of the mining industry, recognized for its significant development of the country, its good practice to protect the environment and its commitment and contribution to social responsibilities.


To represent companies and organizations related to the mining sector in order to help optimize productivity.

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