Anglo American Joins IRMA For Responsible Mining

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UK mining company Anglo American (LSE:AAL)has joined forces with Initiatives for Responsible Mining Assurance (IRMA) to create the first multi-commodity...

UK mining company Anglo American (LSE:AAL) has joined forces with Initiatives for Responsible Mining Assurance (IRMA) to create the first multi-commodity, multi-stakeholder, third-party certification system for mine sites.

The ambitious program aims to create a credible certification system that represents a wide range of civil society, community, industry, and retail perspectives. The program strives to benefit companies who produce responsibly while making a positive contribution to local communities.

“As one of the world's largest mining companies, Anglo American supports the Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance because we believe that our industry supports, and can make further contributions to, sustainable socio-economic development,” said Jon Samuel, Group Head of Government and Social Affairs at Anglo American.

“This objective will best be achieved within a framework of high, trusted standards that can apply to all mining operations and that all key stakeholders subscribe to.”

Anglo American is part of IRMA’s leadership committee comprised of highly-influential organizations across five stakeholder sectors: downstream users (Tiffany & Co.), trade unions (The United Steelworkers), mining companies (Anglo American), affected communities (Western Shoshone Defense Project), and non-governmental organizations (Earthworks).

Although challenging, the committee has created the framework for the first draft through the collaboration of all five stakeholders. The Standard of Responsible Mining, which would serve as a trusted certification system, is a guide for responsible mining covering human rights, transparency, community, labor, safety and environmental matters.

The program could potentially sway local communities to accept more mining contracts along with motivating big brands to purchase from those certified mines. The program would also provide incentives and benefits to responsible mining companies.

While the draft Standard is still in its infantry, IRMA is currently launching the first of two rounds of public consultation with interested stakeholders encouraged to provide feedback. 

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