Prospector to produce interactive maps of Mexico projects

By Bizclik Editor
Subscribers can access maps of mineral exploration targets for up to 90 mineral deposit models for the Sinaloa, Chihuahua and Sonora regions...

Prospector, an AI-enabled search engine for the mining industry, will launch an interactive map of mining projects in Mexico, providing subscribers with the opportunity to explore properties by geography, commodity or deposit type.

The company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of mining investment company Analog Gold, believes the new mapping software will have a far-reaching impact in the mining industry and, potentially, the investment space at large. It plans to expand coverage to other countries as well as offer a predictive "Prospector Target" function that will more accurately project deposits of focus minerals, and draws data from various public exchanges such as TMX Datalinx.

The Mexico Mineral Targets Map aims to drive mineral exploration investments to Mexico by providing easy-to-use maps of mineral exploration targets for up to 90 mineral deposit models for the Sinaloa, Chihuahua, and Sonora regions. Similar mineral target maps have been built for regions as diverse as Canada's Yukon Territory, Brazil and Papua New Guinea.

"By developing these mineral target maps we are able to expand Prospector's capabilities in exciting ways," said Emily King, Founder of Prospector. "We believe the Mexico region is a valuable place to expand our coverage and ultimately we are focused on creating value for our audience of mining investors by offering unparalleled data and capabilities."

The mineral targets maps help explorers save time and bridge gaps in knowledge by providing both explanations of how targets were identified, and by providing advice on which missing data have the largest impact on the prospectivity of each target. This advice assists explorers to prioritize further work on any targets of interest. These target maps will be embedded within the Prospector platform and subscribers will access them through either relevant search results or direct browsing.


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