Sandvik Leads the Charge in Automated Loading

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Sandvik Mining is setting the standard for advanced automation solutions.The Swedish equipment manufacturer, which specializes in enhancing productivity...

Sandvik Mining is setting the standard for advanced automation solutions.

The Swedish equipment manufacturer, which specializes in enhancing productivity and safety through machinery, has launched AutoMine® Loading and AutoMine Loading Lite. The new automation solutions aim to increase fleet utilization, improve working conditions and safety, increase production and reduce maintenance costs with optimized tramming speeds and smoother equipment operation.

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“Sandvik is now the single supplier capable of fully automating the whole loading cycle and this feature is available for both fleet and single loader applications,” says Riku Pulli, VP Automation, Sandvik Mining.

As a fullly scalable fleet automation systems, AutoMine® Loading automatically manages and optimizes loader traffic, as well as full automates the production loading cycle. It also allows one operator to manage several loaders from a control room. Features of the system include:

• Fully automated loading cycle increases safety and productivity.

• Scalable small-to-large mass mining system offers flexibility.

• Modularized access control system ensures smooth interaction between automated and manual equipment.

• Full production management of automated and manual equipment.

For AutoMine Loading Lite, the single-LHD automation product ensures safe operation and high productivity, but is more mobile and easier to set up for single-loader applications. Features for the multi-loader include:

• Highly mobile and easy set up access control system ensures safety.

• One operator for one or several loaders offers improved productivity.

• Real-time process visualization and reporting offers continuous view to the operation.

• Open interfaces and integration.

Pulli adds, “The multi-loader option to AutoMine Loading Lite, enables multiple loader operations from one operator station. The loader and area are handled as one entity and this gives flexibility as one operator is now able to operate several production areas simultaneously. Automated Bucket Filling takes our AutoMine Loading products to new level as the whole loading cycle is now automated and operator’s role is supervising the operation.”   



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