Codelco's mining innovation through increased collaborations

Codelco to innovate the mining industry through increased collaborations as it partners with the University of Chile’s Advanced Mining Technology Centre

Codelco is ready to embark on a mining innovation mission, announcing its renewed motivation to increase collaborations with suppliers, technology centres, universities, and research institutions - all in an effort to transform the mining ecosystem. The company already looks to be making progress as it reveals its most recent partnership with the University of Chile’s Advanced Mining Technology Centre (AMTC) is successfully making headway in exciting research and development. 

“We seek to generate teams with complementary capabilities, combining Codelco’s own talent with that from the ecosystem, to provide the best response to our challenges,” says Codelco’s Corporate Manager of Innovation, Julio Díaz. “The specialised technical capabilities of the nearly 100 researchers at the AMTC, a centre dedicated 100% to applied research, are a valuable example of this collaboration.”

Mining technology transformed through collaborative research

Javier Ruiz del Solar, Executive Director of the AMTC believes that the institution’s high modelling capacity enables it to cope with the sheer amount of data Codelco generates. 

“We take on the challenge of modelling this data and transforming it into useful information to contribute to the development of solutions on issues as important to the future of this company as large-scale underground mining – water and tailings management and chlorinated leaching processes, among others.”

AMTC seems to be embracing the collaboration with open arms. The University department is currently analysing data generated from the trial of autonomous mining trucks at Codelco’s Esmeralda Mine, assessing the possible advantages the vehicle could bring regarding the transportation of ore from underground operations. This information will then be used to evaluate the overall advantages provided by autonomous mining truck technology and its potential use in future mining operations worldwide.

A focus on innovation as Codelco sets its sights high

Currently, Codelco is busy developing two of the largest underground mines in the world. And, naturally, with operations at that scale, it’s looking for ways to enhance and innovate its processes. AMTC’s ongoing research and application of advanced technology in mining means its experience is a highly valuable asset to Codelco, which plans to draw upon the institute’s resources. 

In an effort to reduce emissions, improve safety, and increase its efficiency in accessing resources, the miner has entrusted AMTC with leading the design and development of tests on mechanised mining systems in its underground mines. It’s hopeful that the institute can deliver promising results, and help Codelco to lead the way in exciting mining innovation.


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