Year in Review: Hudson Resources

By Daniel Brightmore
Hudson Resources is a Canadian based mining and technology company focused on developing the unique White Mountain (Qaqortorsuaq) anorthosite (calcium f...

Hudson Resources is a Canadian based mining and technology company focused on developing the unique White Mountain (Qaqortorsuaq) anorthosite (calcium feldspar) mine in Greenland to bring its green products to the world.

In an interview with Mining Global magazine, the company’s Director Jim Cambon and Vice President Jerry Janik explain how anorthosite offers Hudson the opportunity to develop products with multiple revenue streams. Hudson’s GreenSpar is derived from the igneous rock anorthosite, which yields the hardest feldspar with the highest refractive index offering a distinct advantage as a premium mineral extender for interior paints. 

It can also be used as a replacement for kaolin in the production of e-glass fiber most commonly used in the reinforced polymer composite industry in high-end fiberglass for wind turbines, cars and boat parts, sporting equipment. Greenspar is also a source of alumina and the Hudson;s anorthosite can also produce heat resistant white cement (Anocrete).

“There are some competing minerals out there, potentially… But there are no competing orebodies for anorthosite,” reveals Janik. “White Mountain is unique in its size, the orebody itself is 8km long, its massive, it’s homogeneous and has very few contaminates - which is key for industrial mineral projects. We could deliver shipments consistently for over a hundred years with this deposit.”

To learn more about how Hudson is realising the potential of a sustainable, green, environmentally friendly project, the full story can be found in the December edition of Mining Global or in Hudson Resources’ exclusive brochure.


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Hudson’s Lunar Research

White Mountain anorthosite is being tested by space agencies as a potential lunar simulant to be used for testing lunar equipment such as rovers, and as a potential building material using Hudson’s CO2 free Anocreteconcrete. Future lunar missions are planned to travel to the Lunar Highlands and the Lunar Poles where the main geological environment is anorthosite (very similar to Hudson’s anorthosite in Greenland). Lunar anorthosite was collected by the Apollo missions in the early 1970s.

Hudson is collaborating with lunar scientists at the University of Tokyo who are at the forefront of space research. The University of Tokyo developed petrological sections and conducted tests which confirmed that Hudson’s anorthosite is very similar to the Lunar Highland material in texture, grain size and constituent minerals. Hudson and the University of Tokyo are also in discussions with regard to collaborating on research and development on concrete applications using Hudson’s CO2 free Anocreteconcrete.

Hudson has provided material to NASA’s Johnson Space Center for evaluation to use in their testing facilities for rover simulations. The company has also held preliminary discussions with the European Space Agency regarding utilizing Hudson’s anorthosite for lunar research.


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