RPMGlobal believes its ESG strategy can change mining sector

Industry-leading tech provider RPMGlobal spills its confidence in its ESG strategy and how its projections could deliver solutions to the mining industry

When RPMGlobal is labelled ‘confident’, it’s for good reason. Describing itself as the “mining industry’s leading enterprise technology, advisory, and training provider”, the company is adamant that its experts are able to make accurate ESG projections for the mining industry to take advantage of following its latest acquisition: Nitro Solutions

Through the purchase of the technology consultation group, RPMGlobal is able to expand its research and development into ESG solutions for an industry in dire need of a revamp.

“Where Nitro and now RPMGlobal is different, is ‘we are mining’,” said Ngaire Tranter, Founder of Nitro Solutions and newly appointed Head of RPMGlobal’s ESG division in conversation with International Mining. “We’re mining specialists that happen to do ESG, not the other way round.”

Mining sustainability service: RPMGlobal jumps in 

With an increasing amount of focus being dedicated to ESG throughout the industry, mining companies worldwide are turning towards sourcing the right technology, information, and means to tackle their ESG efforts - or lack, thereof. More pressure is being placed on mining corporations to adopt sustainability measures and means to tackle high emissions and decarbonisation, and with this comes an increase in demand to adopt the right methods to do so. This is where RPMGlobal comes in. 

“Our team is preferentially selected from people that have been on mine sites,” Tranter assured IM. “We draw on this expertise to ensure any advice we provide is pragmatic.”

RPMGlobal has been focusing on expanding its number of ESG specialists, working towards developing a wide, diverse, and adept team of experts that provides efficient amounts of knowledge and advisory services on the environment, economics, legislation, and audits to its growing database of clients. 

“We offer holistic services,” Tranter continued. “We work with that technology piece and use it in an advisory context to get the correct feedback for clients.

“The ability to leverage off that deep domain mining expertise really makes that technology practical and purpose-designed to deliver solutions.

“We’re problem-solving with our own in-house mining expertise.”

Providing the mining industry with ESG solutions

According to Tranter, RPMGlobal’s technology gives its ESG division the boost it needs to take off. The company is currently developing a variety of new technologies to enhance operational efficiency and cut back on time, cost, and fuel consumption. Several of its pit simulation tools open the doors for introduction into the mine rehabilitation and closure part of ESG. 

“That rehab and closure piece is going to grow further and further, and that will be brought into the discussion much earlier in the process,” Tranter told IM, noting the expected growth in adopting the mining ESG technique. “Fortunately, our models look a lot further out than what is happening next quarter or even what might be happening in 20 years’ time. 

“For things like groundwater models, we are looking to when these levels may reach a quasi-equilibrium. This involves looking out plus-900 years in some cases.”

Source: IM


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