Sustainable CLEER Canadian mining initiative to recieve $950mn bost from Government

By Dale Benton
A Canadian mining initiative, dubbed a “supercluster” that will transform the future of the clean energy mining sector, has been shortlisted for a...

A Canadian mining initiative, dubbed a “supercluster” that will transform the future of the clean energy mining sector, has been shortlisted for a $950mn governmental grant.

The Clean, Low-energy, Effective, Engaged and Remediated (CLEER) program has been shortlisted in recognition of its potential to generate significant environmental benefits, energise regional economies and create jobs.

A Joint Venture between CMIC and the Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation, CLEER is a supercluster designed to transform the mining sector’s productivity, performance and competitiveness.

The program will tackle global challenges in the mining industry, such as water treatment, energy and environmental footprint, targeting a 50% reduction in each of those areas by 2027.

CLEER will engage the mining services and supply sector, anchoring mining companies, accelerating collaborative innovation, stimulate investments exceeding $5bn, grow SMEs, improve company productivity, initiate export pathways and create and retain more than 100,000 jobs.

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It will cement Canada’s position as a global leader in clean resources and clean technology development, with Canadian mining being a key provider of raw materials uses for the development of clean technology worldwide.

Pierre Gratton, President and CEO of the Mining Association of Canada, the national voice of Canada’s mining industry, states that “The CLEER Supercluster will help Canada become the leading supplier of sustainably-sourced minerals and metals the world needs, and the technologies the world needs to best extract them. This is especially important in the transition to a low carbon future, which will only increase the demand for our products. Through this project, industry and governments can be powerful partners in achieving this vision.”

Bora Ugurgel, Chief Operating Officer, Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation, states that “The CLEER Supercluster has the potential to become Canada’s largest investment in advancing the CLEAN mineral and metal resource extraction industry. The global transition into a low carbon economy will require a more technologically advanced mining industry and CLEER offers the opportunity to engage mine operators, supply and service companies and other stakeholders in the development, demonstration, and adoption of leading clean innovations. CLEER will introduce

tangible solutions that enable operating mines to address challenges associated with energy, water, and their environmental footprint.”


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