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EU 'Falling Short' of CRMA Rare Earth Minerals Targets

EU set to miss most rare earth minerals targets laid out in Critical Raw Materials Act, imperilling its net zero targets and increasing reliance on China

How Insight is Facilitating Roy Hill’s Modernisation Efforts

Solutions integrator Insight was recently engaged by Roy Hill to look after its ongoing integration asset replacement and modernisation programme


GEM's Methane Warning on Abandoned EU Coal Mines

Global Energy Monitor study on methane emissions from abandoned EU coal mines shows pollution is on same level as the Nord Stream pipeline explosion


PwC: Mining 'Needs Strong Circular Economy to Meet Demand'

In the second of a two-part summary of PwC's 2024 mining report, we explore how 'urban mining' can make mining more efficient and sustainable


Focus on: Graphite, a Crucial Clean Energy Mineral

The move to cleaner energy means graphite is becoming an increasingly important mineral. But how is it mined and used, & who are the major global players?


Gold Nanoparticle Breakthrough a Sustainability Fillip

Researchers discover sustainable way to create gold nanoparticles, promising greener future for uses in sectors including medicine and electronics

Tanium, Pentera & Palo Alto Securing Epiroc’s Transformation

Cybersecurity partnerships with Tanium, Pentera and Palo Alto Networks are helping Epiroc reach its potential and drive innovation in the mining space


Safeguarding Congo’s Economically Vital Cobalt Miners

When Jamie Wallisch of the supply chain sustainability platform Assent visited Congo’s cobalt mining communities she found evidence of hardship… and hope