US Gold Corp Makes Progress on CK Gold Project in Wyoming

By Kitty Wheeler
The CK Gold project is taking place in Wyoming's Silver Crown Mining District, Laramie County
US Gold Corp, a prominent gold exploration and development company, has recently made significant strides in its CK Gold Project, located in Wyoming

Two out of three crucial milestones have been achieved in the CK Gold project, as US Gold Corp, the gold development company, has received formal acceptance from the Director of the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (WDEQ), regarding the proposed reclamation bond and has been granted its water discharge permit.

Gold mining has been a pivotal and evolving industry for millennia, shaping economies and driving technological innovation. From all the way back to at least 4000 BCE, to the turning point of the California Gold Rush of 1848 that sparked widespread gold fever and technological advancements to the world, to the CK Gold Project happening now.

The CK Gold project in Wyoming's Silver Crown Mining District, Laramie County, is an ambitious venture that aims to tap into a substantial gold and copper deposit, potentially bolstering Wyoming's mining sector and contributing to the local economy.

The primary objective of the CK Gold Project is to develop an open-pit gold and copper mine with a projected lifespan of 10-12 years, and US Gold Corp estimates that the mine could produce approximately 108,500 ounces of gold and 18.5 million pounds of copper annually.

What does US Gold Corp have planned for the CK Gold Project?

Looking to the future, US Gold Corp has outlined an ambitious roadmap for the CK Gold Project. 

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Following the completion of all permitting requirements, the company plans to commence construction, with the goal of achieving first production within 18-24 months of breaking ground.

The company is also exploring opportunities to extend the mine's life through further exploration of the surrounding area, and sets out to incorporate the following into the project: 

Industry collaborations

While US Gold Corp is spearheading the project, it has also collaborated with several key industry players including the Mine Development Associates, a division of RESPEC, for engineering and technical support and Gustavson Associates LLC, that has been involved in resource estimation and economic analysis for the project.

Utilisation of cutting-edge technologies

As the company intends to implement state-of-the-art mining technologies to optimise operations, enhance safety, and reduce environmental impact, technology has played a crucial role so far.

Luke Norman, Executive Chairman of US Gold Crop, says: "The U.S. Gold team is finalising updates to project economic forecasts, taking into consideration updates to pricing on both the cost and revenue sides of the equation"

Such technology includes the use of advanced ore sorting techniques to improve processing efficiency, as well as the implementation of autonomous haulage systems to increase productivity and reduce fuel consumption.

Strive for sustainability goals

Sustainability is a key focus for US Gold Corp in the CK Gold Project, and the company has emphasised its commitment to environmentally responsible mining practices, from water conservation, to energy efficiency, to minimising the project's carbon footprint. 

The company has also pledged to work closely with local communities and stakeholders to ensure the project delivers long-term benefits to the region.

George Bee, President, CEO and Director of US Gold Corp

George Bee, President, CEO and Director of US Gold Corp says regarding the milestone: "WDEQ's acceptance of the reclamation bond, along with the issuance of the Water Discharge Permit announced last week, satisfies two of the three conditions associated with the Mine Operating Permit, further cementing that major milestone”.

He continues: “as U.S. Gold progresses along the pathway to development. The remaining condition, receipt of the Air Quality Permit, is anticipated shortly. We believe that the Air Quality Permit submission is technically complete having been through rigorous review.”

He concludes that the project: “remains on track to receive unconditional approval of the Mine Operating Plan in hand, around mid-year, as per prior guidance."

A birds eye view of the project in action

With a history of environmental concerns, regulatory hurdles, high operational costs and health and safety risks to workers, the mining industry is taking significant steps forward through this project.

As US Gold Corp moves closer to obtaining full operating permits, the project stands poised to become a substantial contributor to the state's mineral production, potentially creating jobs and stimulating economic growth in the region. 


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