TOMRA Insight moves into mining

By Dominic Ellis
Cloud-based data platform can help reduce waste rock and downstream processing costs, enabling processors to earn more dollars per ton...

TOMRA Insight, the cloud-based data platform which enables sorting machine users to improve operational efficiencies, is being rolled out in the mining industry.

For mining and mineral processing companies, its ability to collect detailed data from TOMRA’s sorting machines means that previously hidden information can lead to improvements in efficiencies and profitability.

Albert du Preez, Senior Vice President and Head of TOMRA Mining, said: “Mineral processors can now move from making decisions based on experience and local observations to decisions based on experience and hard facts. This means TOMRA Insight can help reduce waste rock and downstream processing costs, enabling processors to earn more dollars per ton.”

One pre-launch user of the subscription-based service, Black Chrome Mine in South Africa - one of two mining projects that form the basis of the Sail Group’s plans for long-term sustainable chrome production - was connected to sorting machines at the start of 2020, and the data platform has led to improvements in process monitoring and streamlining, more efficient line-feeding and machine running times, and reduced downtime.

Felix Flemming, Vice President and Head of Digital at TOMRA Sorting, commented: “By capturing and using valuable data, TOMRA Insight is transforming sorting from an operational process into a strategic management tool. This tool is constantly becoming more powerful as we continuously develop it in response to customers’ needs and priorities. New functionalities and features are released every three weeks – a routine during which TOMRA works closely with customers in pursuit of shared objectives.”

Data is gathered in near real-time, stored securely in the cloud, and can be accessed anywhere and across plants via a web portal available for desktop and mobile devices, providing valuable performance metrics that help businesses optimise machine performance. 

Operating costs are reduced by simplifying spare part ordering and flexible access to data and documentation. Downtime is reduced by monitoring machine health and performance in near real-time, identifying gaps in production and analyzing potential root causes, by supporting the management moving to predictive and condition-based maintenance, and by preventing unscheduled machine shutdowns. 

Data is analysed on behalf of customers by TOMRA Mining engineers, and key findings shared in confidential reports supplied to customers monthly. This arrangement has the advantage of combining objective statistical analysis with the interpretive skills of a service team familiar with the customer’s unique challenges.


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